Mobile Legends Hack Cheats Guide – Free Diamond legally

Are you looking for Mobile legends Hack Cheats Guide to get free Diamond legally?

Mobile Legends Hack:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is developed by “Moonton” gaming, and it has more than 100 Million Android downloads from Google Play Store. The Mobile legends game is now no#1 in its category and has millions of players online every day.

Mobile Legends is Roleplaying, PVP MOBA (player vs. player) game, where you can take five different characters as your hero for fighting. PVP arena can start within 10 sec and it may last for more than 10 minutes.

Welcome to the epic battle of Mobile legends, where you will find real players battling it out for the glory.

Features of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends game is now treated as the biggest game in its category, with thousands of players joining every day for the online battle. Here are some of the features of Mobile Legends game

  • Take part in real-time 5v5 player battle
  • Join Team to eliminate teams from different countries
  • Many modes and many variations in the game
  • Get 04 Jungle Area
  • Get 18 different defensive towers
  • Take part as a team and win tournaments
  • The game requires your fighting skills
  • A match can last within 10 min
  • Simple game control and easy to master
  • Play to win – not pay to win

Mobile Legends Hack Cheats to get free Diamond legally

Well, do not rely on online fraud or Mod Apk Mobile Legends hack; they all are 100% fraud and will hamper your smartphone. We have summarized some legit method to get free Diamond legally without any human verification.

Method 1 # Login Daily

You need to login daily in Mobile Legends game to receive rewards which can be used to get free diamond and coins. Many people who log in only on weekends did not receive game goodies, which can help them reach higher levels.

Ensure that you log in daily to receive game goodies in Mobile Legends, which can be used in reaching higher levels. Some of the items which you can get from daily login are as given below

  • Experience Points
  • Magic Dust
  • Hero Ticket
  • Battle Points
  • Emblems

Now, these items are very rare and hard to get into the game, so if you want some advancement in the game, ensure to log in daily.

The mobile legends game is designed in such a way that it supports loyal and active players. When more than 20 million active players struggling to conquer the world, you should ensure login daily and get some game goodies.

Method 2 # Play PVP to win Chest

One of the biggest Chest provider methods in Mobile legends is playing the PVP Campaign. In this, you win consecutive 02 matches you will get free Medal Chest.

Play PVP to win Chest

Now, Medal’s chest contains many items, including premium skin fragments, which can be used to purchase costumes or skin for your character.

Ensure to participate in all PVP matches where you can win different Chest, which may include free Mobile Legends diamonds and coins.

Always try to come up with a winner or in the winning team and also in the top position so that you will receive all unique game goodies. Do not skip this important aspect of the game and try to make the team with good players for winning games.

Method 3 # Complete Daily Task

If you login to your Mobile legends dashboard, then you will find that it has a daily task. When you complete these daily tasks, you will be awarded free diamonds and different chests.

If you complete a daily task, the game will reward you with these game goodies

  • Medal Chest
  • Free Chest
  • Daily game goodies
  • Coins and Diamonds

The daily task also ensures your steady progress and your Character experience points. if you miss this important aspect in Mobile legends, then you will find difficult to win matches.

Method 4 # Keep Clearing levels

Whenever you clear any levels or reach a new level, the game will award you with free game coins in Mobile legends. Ensure you follow the daily task which is important to upgrade your present levels.

Always try to improve your player’s experience points and try to clear your present level to reach a new level. You will also receive experience points and other game goodies when you reach a new level.

Method 5 # Take part in events

Mobile Legends has many events that are based on seasonal or weekly. You should always participate in these events to get free game goodies and diamonds.

Events are mended in such a way that they try to rewards maximum players who participate in them. Look out for those events which provide coins and diamonds as rewards.

Always try to complete these events so that you will receive free diamonds if you come top of it.

Do not neglect this tip to get free diamond in Mobile legends game.

Method 6 # Connect account with Facebook

Connect your Mobile Legends game with Facebook account and receive free coins and game goodies. These offers are only for one time, and you will get lots of other benefits when you connect your account with Facebook.

Benefits of connecting Mobile legends account with Facebook

  • Receive free Coins
  • Receive game goodies
  • Get progress save in your account
  • You can make of join team with Facebook friends
  • Share your progress with your friends
  • Refer your friends and get some game goodies

Method 7 # watch video ads

Watch video ads in Mobile Legends, and the game will reward you with free coins and diamond. Video ads are a good source of rewards when you want to get some free coins to progress in the game.

Video ads are based on the country you are residing; it may happen that you will receive nil ads in Mobile legends. Depending on your residing country, you will get ads, and for that effort, you will be rewarded with game goodies.

What is Mobile Legends Diamonds Generator?

Two types of Mobile legends, Scam, are going online, which claim to provide free Diamonds and coins. But during our research, we find out that they all were fake and useless.

Two types of Mobile Legends Cheats are as follows

  • Mobile Legends Mod APK (claim to give unlimited diamonds and coins)
  • Mobile Legends online Diamonds Generator (claim to give diamonds and coins online)

How these fake Mobile legends Hack works?

These two fake systems have different working operands and working online and offline mode.

Mobile Legends Mod APK:

Mobile Legends Mod APK is based on installing virus infected APK into the user’s smartphone. This system website claim to provide free MOD APK, which has unlimited coins and diamonds in it.

You need to download it from these fake websites and then you have to install them into your Smartphone. After installing these Mobile legends fake APK into data and OBB files, your mobile gets a compromise.

Now, they can take out all personal details, including your SSN code and bank password, by cloning your Smartphone. They can use take out these items from your smartphone

  • Bank details
  • Social security number (USA resident)
  • Personal pictures
  • Call records and SMS records
  • Clone your Smartphone and use as bots

Do not install ®. Do not install these types of Mobile legends MOD APK files into your Smartphone and loses everything.

Mobile legends Online Diamond Generator:

Mobile Legends online diamond generator is another type of Scam that works on a survey system. This means they will make you complete a small survey, and then they will send you to some fake website.

You will never get any Mobile Legends diamond or coins from these fake websites.

Final words

So, these are the Mobile Legends Hack Cheats Guide – Free Diamond legally, which you are used to getting a diamond legally. Do not fall into the prey of online hack or Mod APK; they are 100% SCAM.